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Hey, remember those iPhone 11 privacy and security ads that you’d see on TV, where they put it side by side with a regular phone and basically say the iPhone has better security? Yeah, that’s coming back to bite them. 

Reports have surfaced of an e-mail exploit that can be found in the Apple Mail app, that lets hackers gain access to your phone after sending you a bogus e-mail, and then steal personal data and documents from your phone. The scary thing is, the exploit has been around at least since January 2018, meaning it affects every iPhone to come out since then.

The flaw was discovered by mobile security forensics firm ZecOps, who came across the vulnerability when one of their big-shot, a person who owns a ‘Fortune 500 North America’ company apparently, fell victim to the attack. 

Don't open a blank e-mail on your iPhone's Mail app 2

They say that all the hackers need to do is send you an e-mail that appears to be blank – once you open said e-mail, your phone will crash momentarily, which opens up a window of opportunity for hackers to steal from whatever the Mail app has access to – photos, contacts, you name it. 

According to a report by Reuters, Apple has acknowledged the existence of the vulnerability and says that the company had developed a fix for the issue, and it should be rolling out to millions of users soon.  

The issue is that the exploit has been around since early 2018, and the report says that Apple have just only been aware of the issue; so it begs the question as to how many people have fallen prey to hackers already. So folks, don’t open a blank e-mail from your Mail app until a new update rolls out – actually, don’t open a blank e-mail at all, at anytime. 

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