Image credit: Ishan Agarwal

With so many Android flagship launches out of the way already, there remains all but one brand that’s yet to debut their latest device. OnePlus has been relatively quiet until now with their upcoming OnePlus 8 series; despite that, we’ve seen rumours, leaks and renders of the phone already – remember stunning gradient design touted to be one of the colour options for the phone? 

Today, we know more about how the device looks, and this time it’s the real deal as it officially comes from OnePlus themselves. A teaser video posted on their YouTube channel shows off the device in all its glory – and we can see an almost quad-curve display that looks similar to the Huawei P40 Pro’s.  

What’s also confirmed is the Glacial Green colour option that we’ve seen so much of over the past month or so. On top of that, the video shoes off OnePlus’ Slider Key that has a textured finish like on previous phones. 

The device also looks to be quite hefty in size – possibly confirming speculations of a massive 6.78-inch display for the Pro variant. Closing out the video is the sentence ‘Beautiful to (Be)hold’ which simplies that the OnePlus 8 is going to be ergonomically sound.  

The online launch of the device is touted to take place this April 14, so we won’t have to wait that much longer now before we get see what the phone is about. 

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