If you’ve been experiencing slower buffer speeds and lower resolution content on Netflix, that’s because the company is reducing the streaming quality of their content in Malaysia. This comes after doing the same in Europe.  

This has been happening for the past few days now and it can now be confirmed that this is due to the throttling of quality in the country as announced by a spokesperson, reports wrote. With the COVID-19 pandemic rendering everyone at home, you’ve got a spike in people on Netflix, at anytime of the day.

So, just like its implementation in Europe, this is done to ease up congestion on Netflix’s servers and to ensure all its users still get to stream content, without being totally shut out. 

The exact amount in quality reduction is 25% and it affects those who’re subscribed to High Definition and Ultra High Definition packages. The spokesperson said users can stream in those resolutions but with a reduction in picture quality. 

The spokesperson said that the company will continue to monitor the situation and take feedback from stakeholders; which will dictate their next course of action. For now, the reduction in quality will last for 30 days at least. So, sorry you have to watch Fifty Shades Freed (because it was number one in Malaysia at one point) at a lower resolution

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