Final Fantasy VII Remake is one video game many have been looking forward to, but while its launch date will not be postponed, Square Enix can’t say the same for those who ordered the physical copy.

Final Fantasy VII was an extremely popular game back in 1997, which is why many welcomed the news that it’s going to get a remake version. Set to launch on April 10, the game will be playable for those who pre-ordered or buy the game digitally.

Final Fantasy VII Remake launch date stays, but deliveries may be delayed 2However, if you’re aiming for its physical copy, you might not be that lucky. Deliveries may be delayed due to the current pandemic which may affect business operations. So, if you’re planning to get one and you haven’t decided whether to get the digital or physical copy, this may be an important purchasing factor.

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Not that it affects us Malaysians, but Sony has also announced recently that it’ll be slowing game download speed in the U.S. Lucky us, we’ll be able to download our Final Fantasy VII Remake in full speed.

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