With the MCO extended up to April 14, it’s hard to deny that some of us are feeling more and more unsettled. The only way we should be communicating with our friends and long-distance relatives should be via virtual means and so Snapchat introduced Snap Camera so that video calls can be more fun for everyone.

Downloadable on Mac and PC, the Snap Camera is an app that will also work with other apps like Zoom, Skype, Twitch, Discord and more. You just have to download the app and make sure you choose Snap Camera as your webcam device when you make video calls. If you’re interested in creating a new lens, you can also download Lens Studio and share them with your friends.

Snap Camera offers AR lenses to your video calls on PC and Mac 1In addition, Snapchat also added a new lens called the Mythbuster Lens; basically it lets you play the AR game to answer several myths in which the right answered will be revealed. This will be useful in helping users detect fake information to prevent spreading inaccurate statements regarding coronavirus.

To download the app, you’ll need to submit your email here and agree to the T&C.

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