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You may remember Dego Ride and its re-launch a couple of months ago, making them the first motorcycle e-hailing service in the country – with the MCO now keeping preventing riders from doing their jobs, they can now instead, continue to service you buy helping you purchase goods from your nearby convenience store.

The app now has a feature called Buy4U and lets you order purcahses from any outlet within the Klang Valley and have your good delivered to you buy the hardworking Dego riders. By using the Single Delivery request on your app, you can buy anything under the condition that you are to be as specific as possible, and keep orders at a minimum as not encumber your Dego rider. 

You can choose a booking date, and have your items delivered then. It’s pretty straightforward, but useful nonetheless. We need to reiterate that you should not over-order as your Dego rider may not have enough cash on his person to afford it. Please be sensible Malaysians. 

Speaking of being sensible, since the MCO has been extended for another two weeks, we also urge you to buy only what you need, so that others can have a piece too – there’s only so much toilet paper a factory can produce for the world. 


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