Editorial Use only Mandatory Credit: Photo by Olly Curtis/Future/Shutterstock (10341587f) London United Kingdom - June 4: Detail Of The Youtube Logo Outside The Youtube Space Studios In London Google UK Offices, London - 4 Jun 2019

Where would we be without YouTube – on Facebook probably, watching content stolen from Reddit; so I for one am thankful for its existence. 

And because you and everyone’s aunt can’t get enough of YouTube either, the company has decided to lower the default streaming quality of videos across the globe, for one month. This only happens when you load up a video, and you can change the quality manually in the settings. 

YouTube is lowering streaming quality across the globe for one month to ease internet congestion 1

This action is taken in accordance to the requests of regulators who want to lower the internet congestion during this period of restrictive movement. 

Netflix have also done the same by throttling streaming quality, but in Europe only, for now. YouTube obviously generates more traffic on the daily, so this is done to ease up the load on their servers as well.  

So if you’ve been loading up videos in 720p or less, know that it’s not your ISP that’s gone wonky, it’s just YouTube trying not to fry their servers. 

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