Image credit: Astro

For all you Astro subscribers out there who’re stuck at home until the end of the month, you’ll be glad to know that you’ll be getting access to all movie channels for absolutely zero charge! 

Astro announced via social media that channels such as HBO, FOX Action Movies, Celestial Movies, Astro Citra, HITS Movies, Cinemax and more will be available for you to watch until March 31 – the day the government-mandated restrictive movement order is lifted. 

A number of companies have been doing their part to help make the RMO more bearable – Grab is continuing their delivery and transport services, Shopee is still shipping out items, and Foodpanda has introduced a contactless delivery option. 

So rejoice movie lovers – grab some popcorn, if you can source it at this point in time, and enjoy your free movies on Astro with your family. 



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