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Five Petroleum Malaysia is now officially launched, making its appearance in Kalumpang, Selangor. With them, their Ultimaxx fuel is also introduced with petrol sourced from our very own Petronas.  

The petrol station will also have their own integrated Woo! Mart convenience store. Operated by Seng Group, who also represents BHPetrol, it will be interesting to see what Five can offer differently than the latter without locking horns with BHPetrol. 

Five Petroleum is Malaysia's newest petroleum brand - first outlet in Kalumpang, Selangor 1
Image credit: Paul Tan

According to reports, the company plans to have up to 200 stations across the country with 30 to 40 to come from the first batch of launches which will take place within the Valley. 

Five also says that customers can use an intergrated mobile application to perform payments and collect reward points – just like Petronas with Mesra and Setel. 

As a Petronas customer, Five may not sound too appealing to me because I get to enjoy both Petronas fuel and have amassed a sum of Mesra points already. But it’s worth giving a shot for those who want to try something different if while still getting Petronas fuel.  


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