Just last week it was discovered that hackers are using an app called Coronavirus Maps to steal internet users’ information. Now, there’s another app called CovidLock which is, in fact, a ransomware in disguise.

To unaware users, CovidLock supposedly helps them track the location of the coronavirus. However, users will have to provide accessibility and lock screen permissions for the app to work. Once the permissions were given, the ransomware will automatically add a password to the device, effectively locking users out of their devices.

'CovidLock' disguises as coronavirus app to lock devices and force users to pay $100 Bitcoin 1The only way they can unlock their phones is by paying $100 in Bitcoin within two days. The app also warned users that if they don’t pay the Bitcoin money, their pictures and videos will be deleted and their social media accounts will be leaked to the public.

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The best way to prevent yourself from falling into traps like this is to only trust statements from governments and health officials, and to avoid panicking and downloading unnecessary apps.

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