Many have requested Apple to bring mouse cursor support for years and technically, the company did deliver that feature last year. However, iOS 14 now suggests that even the iPhones might get mouse cursor support.

If your iPad is currently running on iOS 13, you’ll be able to use the mouse cursor by turning it on in the accessibility menu. However, it only offers basic functions, so you can’t really use it like a normal mouse yet.

iOS 14 reveals mouse cursor support and two new Smart Keyboards 1But that’s about to change with the iOS 14 as the 9to5Mac discovered that there will rich system-wide support when the new software is released. In addition to that, Apple is said to be bringing in two new Smart Keyboards that will come with a trackpad.

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The new system-wide support should be quite useful when it comes to using the iPad; as for the iPhones, it’s really just an extra feature.

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