It’s unsurprising to see everyone being meticulous about their hygiene and those around them since COVID-19 is still an ongoing worrisome issue. One thing that we touched most often though, is our phones. Luckily for Apple users, Apple has announced that it’s safe to use disinfectant wipes on their devices.

The update on its website now states that Apple products can be cleaned with a “70 percent isopropyl alcohol wipe or Clorox Disinfecting Wipes”. However, you should avoid using aerosol sprays, bleaches or abrasives, and you shouldn’t submerge (duh!) your Apple devices in any cleaning agents.

Apple says it's fine to use disinfectant on (most) Apple products 1Apple also advises its users to use soft, lint-free cloth when wiping their devices to prevent scratches. You should also avoid using cleaners that contain acetone if you’re cleaning your Macs and MacBooks.

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Though Apple said it’s fine to use a disinfectant on the Apple products, this excludes fabric and leather surfaces. Instead, you should only use warm water and a mild hand soap when it comes to cleaning your iPhone’s leather case.

For more information on how to clean your Apple products, check out Apple’s website.

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