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Like it or not the stories feature, popularized by Snapchat and made accessible by Facebook and Instagram, are increasingly the go-to option for social media postings – the main reason being that Stories are temporary and don’t need the same kind of effort put into it like a regular post.

Stories can also be a medium to share your thoughts as they arrive – and Twitter’s own foray into the feature serves to cater those who like sharing text-based stories.

Aptly dubbed Fleets, Twitter’s own take on Stories lets users post their thoughts through this upcoming feature and receive reactions and replies from followers, which will be sent to their Twitter DMs.

Your Fleets will also appear across the top of your followers’ feed like on Facebook and Instagram, but the icon is shaped like a thought bubble – driving home the ‘fleeting thought’ theme. We are unsure if you can post images using Fleets, but we’ll know in a few months time when it starts olling out to the public.

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