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As the COVID-19 outbreaks continue to rapidly spread across the globe major companies are reeling at the slow down in production due to factory closures and lack of productivity. Apple is no exception as they too have been impacted by the virus outbreak.

Reports say that the fruit company has had to diversifying orders for their ultra-wide angle lenses, as their main suppliers based in Yujingguang are having issues with production.

According to reports, Apple may only get 30% to 40% of orders from there, and will have to fill the gap with contributions from other manufacturers. Apple has to do this if they are to keep their iPhone 11 devices rolling out the factory floors.

Just January this year, Apple was reporting strong earnings during the last quarter of 2019, which was attributed to the sale of the iPhone 11 series devices – the company’s positive financials are under threat of plunging should their prized flagship fail to reach customers.

With more countries now reported infection cases for the first time, it doesn’t look likely that we’ll be recovering anytime soon – if the situation persists in Q3 of this year, we’ll likely be thrown into a financial crisis.

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