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Mario Kart Tour was finally available on iOS and Android last year, but now it’s finally getting multiplayer mode.

While the game is a free-to-play title, it has a built-in subscription that offers and extra 200cc racing mode, special Gold Challenges and also the opportunity to get Gold Gifts. It’s priced at $4.99/month — similar to the price of the Apple Arcade subscription. That is one of the reasons the game became less interesting to some who were looking forward to it.

Mario Kart Tour players can finally sabotage others in the upcoming multiplayer mode 1
Image credit: Mario Kart Tour

With the multiplayer mode though, the game might just get back the players who left. Multiplayer games always attract more players as they allow you to compete with your friends — it’s always fun to sabotage your friends in games.

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According to the tweet posted by Mario Kart Tour’s official account, you can play against seven players at once. You can compete against other players online, players near you or even your in-game friends. 

If your interest in Mario Kart Tour is restored, you can get it on App Store or Play Store.

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