Are you a fan of tattoos? Well, I am. Tattoos hold significant meaning and artistic values in our lives. However, they can be so much more thanks to the advancement of technology, which is why this month’s Under the Radar is all about them.

  1. LogicInk
Under the Radar: Tattoos? More than just ink 1
Image credit: LogicInk

Imagine a tattoo that can help you monitor the amount of UV on your skin. It may be ridiculous for you to have a permanent tattoo just to do that, which is why LogicInk offers temporary tattoos. These tattoos help you stay within safe UV limits, so you can avoid sunburn or damaging your skin in the long run. 

So how does it work? The LogicInk tattoo come in a single design but uses different colours to inform you of the amount of sun exposure you’ve been getting. There are two rings — an outer pink ring and a center white ring. The centre ring changes from white to purple and the colour intensity tells you how harsh the sun is. The outer ring’s pink colour turns into an even darker pink from one end to the other as your skin accumulates the UV exposure.

Under the Radar: Tattoos? More than just ink 2
Image credit: LogicInk

It’s best to get one of these when you’re spending a day out at the beach, so you can run back into the car before you get sunburnt. 

  1. Skin46
Under the Radar: Tattoos? More than just ink 3
Image credit: Skin46

This may be a little creepy, but it can also be sentimental. Skin46 isn’t a ready-made tattoo; it’s a safe tattoo ink that is made with — are you ready — hair. Be it your mom’s, your dad’s, your husband’s or even your beloved pets’, the company can extract medically clean carbon from their hair and infuse it with the ink.

It’s a 100% safe and clean ink as it has passed several certifications and contamination test. You just have to send 5g of hair — you can even mix them — and send it to the company. They’ll break those hairs down, combine them with the ink and send it back to you to be used by your tattoo artist.

Under the Radar: Tattoos? More than just ink 4
Image credit: Skin46

I think this would be perfect for those who wanted to keep a memory of their loved ones who have passed away, but some of you may find that a bit eerie.

  1. Ephemeral Tattoos

Under the Radar: Tattoos? More than just ink 5We sometimes regret the tattoos we get, especially if it’s crap like your ex-lover’s name paired with the word ‘forever’ or a heart shape enveloping your names. Yes, there are tattoo removal procedures now, but they’re also pricey. Well, Ephemeral Tattoos are temporary tattoos, but not the kind that can be washed off immediately.

Ephemeral tattoos are tattoos made with a special ink that disappears over time. You can pick between a three-month, six-month or a year-long tattoo. The ephemeral ink uses a much finer pigment that can be dissolved by your immune system, so if you end up regretting your tattoo, you won’t need to see it for the rest of your life.

Under the Radar: Tattoos? More than just ink 6Next time you want to get a tattoo to flaunt your love life, maybe get an ephemeral tattoo — just in case it doesn’t last.


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