To offer more value to its customers, Celcom is now offering 10% cashback to customers who purchase Celcom Xpax reloads and Internet Reloads RM10 and above through the Celcom Life App.

In addition, Celcom MEGA postpaid plans’ Trade-In feature is also available until June 30 so users can get cashback when they have unused Internet quota at the end of their billing cycle. Each 10GB data will get them RM5 cashback, and this have to be done via Boost e-wallet.

Get up to RM20 e-wallet cashback every month when you reload via Celcom Life App 1Celcom will also be offering a one-time RM50 credit rebate when customers opt for the Auto Billing service. The company also encourages consumers to opt for digital instead of physical billing documents as it’ll allow them to save up to RM10/month.

For more information, visit Celcom’s official page.

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