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Looks like Apple has more surprises for us next month; the Cupertino company may be releasing new AirPods alongside the iPhone 9 and the next iPad Pro.

According to Jon Prosser from Front Page Tech, Target employees have sent him information about new listings in which there is the “Apple iPod Touch X Generation”, the ”Apple iPad 10.5-inch Wi-fi Only X Generation” and the “Apple AirPods (X Generation)”. In his tweet, Prosser says that the “iPod Touch X” should be the iPhone 9 with a price tag of $399.99 and six colour options — this matches claims on Weibo stating that the iPhone 9 will come in six colours.

On the other hand, the 10.5-inch iPad should be the new iPad Pro while the new AirPods could be an over-ear headphone. The name “AirPods X” could also be a temporary title, so there might be a different name when it is launched. We should also be seeing three colour options for this new headphone since there are three SKUs in Target’s system. However, this headphone will be priced similarly to the budget iPhone 9 at $399.99.

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Though Apple usually hosts events for its product launch in March, there is a chance that it might not happen this year due to the coronavirus outbreak. Either way, we should still be getting new Apple products next month.

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