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No smartphone really needs more than 8GB of RAM – you could argue however that gaming smartphones could benefit from it, but that’s besides the point. Most mainstream devices only need about 8GB RAM – but Samsung thinks enough is never enough.

The Korean giants have announced that they have begun the mass production of 16GB LPDDR5 RAM modules for the usage of next-gen smartphones. The currently line-up of Galaxy S20 smartphones are equipped with up to 12GB LPDDR5 memory and that helps the phone stay blazing fast and smooth.

Still, even a phone such as the Galaxy Ultra doesn’t need that much memory – that’s why the local variants only come with 8GB of LPDDR5 memory.

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But then again, being the industry leaders in memory chips, you’d expect Samsung to push the envelope with their technology way ahead of any real-world requirements for it. With these upcoming chipsets, Samsung claims that the modules are 20% more energy efficient compared to the older 8GB LPDDR4X packages.

We should be seeing the new RAM modules arrive later this year, perhaps even with the Galaxy Note 11 series.

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