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In light of the recent Motorola Razr peeling incident, Motorola has released an official response stating that it has “full confidence” in its foldable display.

Just a few days back, one of Input’s author revealed that his Motorola Razr’s display started peeling and assumed that it was caused by a change in temperature. The plastic layer started separating from the display, causing the affected area to be unresponsive. However, Motorola emphasized that the Razr had been tested under extreme temperatures during its development process, and consumers shouldn’t be facing such issues in a normal scenario. The company also pointed out that its standard warranty will cover “device failure related to weather during normal use”. 

Despite that, there are still many who are skeptical of the durability of their foldable devices. Mashable’s tech reporter Brenda Stolyar tweeted about her Razr display crunching every time she fold and unfold the phone and another Samsung Galaxy Z Flip user also tweeted about his foldable phone breaking due to the cold weather.

Our advice? Don’t get a foldable device just yet.

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