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So, remember when JerryRigEveryting did a stress test on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, and its display’s durability left much to be desired? Because of how dent and scratch prone the display was, it led many who watched his video to believe the Galaxy Z Flip’s panel to be made from mostly plastic.

Many have questioned the existence of glass in the display – JerryRigEverything did mention that Samsung could’ve used a glass-polymer hybrid to make the flexible panel. But in his teardown video, he proves that there is indeed glass in the display, albeit very thin and not very durable – at least not at the level we’re used to with regular smartphones.

There’s a plastic layer that protects the glass and that’s the layer that dents when scratched with his fingernails – once removed, JerryRigEverything found the glass that Samsung keeps mentioning in their marketing materials.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip really has glass in its display - shown in teardown video 1
Image credit: JerryRigEverything

Now, during his stress test, he used everything from blade cutters and pointed tips to just his finger nails – at a relatively blunt tool, he managed to create scratches and dents in the display. We’re so used to our smarpthones being so scratch resistant, that we expect a phone so advanced and expensive such as the Galaxy Z Flip to at least offer that same level of durability.

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Even if there is in fact glass in the display, it’s not very scratch-proof; which was the whole point of contention in the first place. But the issue really does seem to be with foldable phones as a whole – take the Motorola RAZR phone – it’s a is a similar clam shell-phone and it’s reported that after just a week of folding, the display peels at the crease, making it unusable.

So if you’re strapped with cash and are looking for a new flagship smartphone, we say go for one of the Galaxy S20 devices – we think you’ll be much happier with that.

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