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In March, we’ll be expecting the iPhone SE 2/iPhone 9 to arrive, but there’s a chance that that might not be the only Apple device launching. Digitimes recently reported that the new iPad Pro will also be launched around March.

According to Digitimes, the new iPad Pro series will be arriving next month, but its shipments will only peak after April due to the coronavirus outbreak. As it has been almost two years since the launch of the last iPad Pro, it seems likely that we’ll be seeing the successor this year.

The next iPad Pro might be launched alongside the iPhone SE 2 in March 1
Image credit: OnLeaks & iGeeksBlog

Though the new iPad Pro may be launching in March, it could still launch separately from the budget iPhone if Apple chooses to do a weekly launch. However, we think that’s unlikely since the iPad Pro is a huge deal and the flagship tablet for high-end users.

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As for what to expect from the new iPad Pro, there’s almost no doubt that the tech giant will integrate a new, more powerful chipset in the device. Some are also expecting a triple rear camera setup — like the iPhone 11 Pro. It’s not a necessary upgrade, but it’ll still be nice to have them. 

With the major design overhaul on the iPad Pro 2018, it’s unlikely that there’ll be huge design changes to the upcoming iPad Pro.

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