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You may have set your eyes on a brand new phone that uses the flagship Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset, but with 5G phone on their way to us this year, you’re reconsidering. Well, if you’re set on the new Snapdragon 865 chipset, you might want to wait again because rumour has it Qualcomm is going to make a plus version of this chipset.

The current Snapdragon 865 chipset that supports 8K recording, 200MP cameras and more is already an amazing chipset, but a tipster has recently leaked on Weibo that Qualcomm will be introducing the Snapdragon 865 Plus chipset in the third quarter of 2020.

Qualcomm's next Snapdragon 865 Plus chipset may be embedded with a 5G modem 1With the Snapdragon 855 and Snapdragon 855 Plus chipsets, the latter had its GPU and CPU core clock speeds increased, offering better frame rates when it comes to the displays. The Snapdragon 865 and 865 Plus should be almost similar, but reports are suggesting that the plus version will feature an integrated 5G modem.

When the Snapdragon 865 Plus chipset is launched, we should be expecting a price drop in the Snapdragon 865 chipset. That could mean that 5G phones will be slightly cheaper than they are now, so you should definitely wait for a few more months before you consider getting a 5G phone.


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