Google has introduced Desktop Mode to Android 10 a few months back, but it was not as well-received as you’d think it’d be. LG and Samsung, however, are embracing this feature; both companies plan to release “Cloud Top” screens — devices that will connect to your phone to turn it into, well, a tablet or a desktop.

While this can be considered innovative, it isn’t the brightest idea we’ve heard. It’s not like these “Cloud Top” screens will have their own processing power, so they’ll still be dependent on the phones themselves. At most, these devices will just offer an external display, keyboard and touchpad for the smartphones. 

Samsung and LG have a (silly) plan to convert phones into PCs via "Cloud Top" screens 1According to a Korean media report, Samsung’s device will be named the Dexbook, a 14.1-inch device with FHD resolution weighing less than 1kg whereas LG’s will weigh around 600g. These devices will either connect via a cable or wirelessly to smartphones. The Dexbook is also reported to house a 10,000mAh battery — double that of LG’s. Do note that these devices are just screens — no touchpad and keyboard so far.

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Due to how basic these “Cloud Top” screens are, it seems rather unreasonable for them to be priced around 400,000 to 500,000 KRW. After all, they’re just portable displays that aren’t a game-changer or a necessity to smartphone users.


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