Adobe’s latest updates focuses on Lightroom, offering several new features and improvements in the software for iPadOS, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and ChromeOS.

While the company has already introduced a way to directly import your images from other your cameras and memory cards without going through the camera roll, the experience is now enhanced by letting you configure the default develop settings in a more straightforward way. Previously, you can only do so if you know about the hidden shortcut.

Adobe makes multitasking easier as Lightroom gets SplitView support on iPad 1Another great feature is the support of Split View on iPadOS. You can now use Lightroom side-by-side with another app, making it easier for you to multitask or open up references when you’re working on your Lightroom project. Those using Lightroom on PCs and multiple monitors will also get to enjoy selecting which monitor as their secondary display — as in when they open a second Lightroom window.

Adobe makes multitasking easier as Lightroom gets SplitView support on iPad 2Lightroom on Windows and Mac also finally supports export in the DNG format and improved its shared albums and photo merge (HDR and panorama), Android finally gets to import presets and profiles from Google Drive and local storage, and both iOS and Android are getting support for more cameras and lenses.

These are just few of the more important updates that have been announced by Adobe. For the full version, visit Adobe’s blog.

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