There are a lot of brands that will be attending Mobile World Congress, but sadly LG and ZTE won’t be among those brands.

Both companies have confirmed their absence due to the global emergency declared by the World Health Organisation due to the coronavirus outbreak. LG released a press statement to withdraw its participation in order to avoid risking the safety of its employees, partners and customers via international travel. ZTE also told GSMArena that there were practical issues such as travel and visa delays. As a result, LG will be hosting separate events for its 2020 mobile products.

Coronavirus outbreak causes LG and ZTE to withdraw from MWC 2020 1On the other hand, the GSMA released a statement yesterday announcing that MWC Barcelona “will proceed as planned” and that the association will continue to monitor the potential influence of the Coronavirus. They will also be including more precautionary measures such as increasing onsite medical support, disinfection programmes and disinfection materials for the public.

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So far, LG and ZTE are the only ones who have officially withdrawn themselves from MWC 2020 but there might be more if the outbreak worsens.


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