Realme CMO Francis Wang recently hinted at the announcement of realme TV at MWC when asked on Twitter.

In a Twitter thread first talking about India’s smartphone shipment market share in Q4 2019, a Twitter user with the handle @kawsher_rehan asked about realme TV. Wang replied to him stating that there will be “something exciting about TV” at MWC, leading us to the assumption that there is indeed realme TV.

As the thread continues, another user also asked if there will be realme laptops. Wang responded, “If TV goes well, laptop is something worth a try.” The brand has been expanding rapidly within these few years, so the possibility of a TV and a laptop in the near future is possible.

Currently, realme has already begun selling smartphone accessories and also its wireless earbuds, the realme Buds Air. It won’t be a surprise if the company also choose to start manufacturing their own fitness bands and smartwatches to expand their ecosystem. 

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