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We have our first real hands-on video of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip folks! A video shared on Twitter by Ben Genskin, shows the device in its full glory – and it looks like most recent rumours say it would look.

The phone in question is in a glossy purple – almost glass-like finish and it looks to be a fingerprint magnet. When closed, we see a camera bump on the upper half of the phone right next to a mini display that shows the time, date and weather.

The two halves of the phone looks to close flush against each other, which is in line with previous draw-ups; and magnets are responsible for keeping the halves shut.

When open, we get a hefty display that’s said to measure 6.7-inches large. It’s got pretty thick bezels, but with a display this large, you’re getting more than enough screen real-estate.

GSM Arena lists the panel type as a Foldable Dynamic AMOLED display, the same kind of panel used on the Galaxy Fold. It’s said to push a resolution of 1080p.

Overall, the phone looks pretty easy to slip into your trouser pockets without sticking out like a Galaxy Fold would; but with such a long display, it begs the question if usability is going to be any good. At least the Galaxy Fold becomes a tablet when opened.

Could this just be a cool gimmick? We’ll have to wait and see when the phone is introduced at Samsung’s Unpacked event later this month.

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