Fourteen hours ago, Google finally opened up Android support on Twitter with the hashtag #AndroidHelp. This may be great news for all Android users, but here’s the catch — there are limitations to what the Twitter account can cover.

While some may have read the issues that are covered by Google on #AndroidHelp, some may have just heard of the feature via word of mouth, leading Google to its current mess. According to a reddit post, #AndroidHelp on Twitter only covers “general troubleshooting, identity and authentication, accessibility, security and many other Android features”, but Twitter users are flooding the thread with future suggestions, upcoming Android updates and complaints.

Google should have made it clear on the Android account by listing out the issues that it could help with to avoid confusion and the overflowing comments like the current one. What’s worse is that Google has yet to respond to any of its replies as of now.

One reddit user also thinks Google is “not really ready for what they’ll be dealing with,” while another thinks that the company should’ve just created another Twitter handle solely for Android support.


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