A new standard of network connectivity is upon us as we prepare for the arrival of 5G – the MCMC had previously made available the two spectrum bands for use in the country, and have allowed a consortium to bid for the right to provide services using 5G in Malaysia.

U Mobile is one company who are also moving steadfast into 5G adoption as they announced a collaboration with Telekom Malaysia to explore network sharing opportunities.

U Mobile shows off medical and VR 5G capabilities in live demos 1

In a demonstration of ‘live’ usage scenarios that took place in Langkawi – U Mobile showed off what the new network standard can do in a few industries. The first of which is the medical arena with MEDCOM – a remote-consultation service that makes use of high speeds of 5G to enable remote hospital-level doctor-patient interactions. The idea here of course, is to enable medical professionals to provide consultations to patients in very short notice – which could save money, time and lives.

U Mobile also partnered with DoctorOnCall offering a similar remote-consultation feature but at a GP level. Dubbed DOCpod, this allows users get online medical video-consultation services from the country’s best doctors.

U Mobile shows off medical and VR 5G capabilities in live demos 2

On a lighter note, the demos also showed off 5G capabilities in the VR realm – the first focused on virtual tourism in collaboration with HTC Vive. As you’d expect, users can be immerse themselves in a tourist destination from within their living rooms.

U Mobile shows off medical and VR 5G capabilities in live demos 3

With VR, gaming is never far away – with HTC Vive again, cloud gaming is made smoother with better latency thanks to the higher bandwidths that 5G offer.

Of course, these are only a few implementations of 5G networking, and we won’t have to wait too long before the country gets to make use of the new connectivity standard. Plus, 5G-enabled smartphones are steadily making their way into the country, so you can get a taste of it too.


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