You have every reason to be excited for Sony’s PS5 because if this huge 4chan leak is true, then the console will be unveiled at a PlayStation meeting even on February 5.

Although the original post on the 4chan board has been removed, the information has been reposted on reddit, revealing information such as buzz words for the features of the PS5, backward compatibility up to PS1, forward compatibility for DualShock 4 controllers and more. 

Sony subtly confirmed a massive PS5 leak 2While not all information may be true, the last item of the list sounds legit. The leaker stated that “It’s time to play” will be PlayStation’s new PS5 and brand slogan and we would’ve brushed it off but it was spotted on PlayStation Europe’s Twitter handle.

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Though the leaker seems to be telling the truth, his/her second last info stating that Sony will return to E3 this year has contradicted what we’ve heard so far. Just a week ago, was told by a Sony spokesperson that the company will be skipping E3 2020. This contradicts the current information provided by the leaker, so it’s best not to believe everything that was revealed in his/her post.

However, if the 4chan leaker is right about the dates and price, then the PS5 will be unveiled in February and launched worldwide in October at the price of $499.

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