Image credit: GSM Arena

A poster of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip foldable phone has emerged online and it takes its name quite literally.

We know at this point that the phone folds in a clamshell fashion, but the poster depicts a phone that folds in the shape of a ‘Z’ – this surely has to be stylized to put emphasis on the Galaxy Z brand. There’s no way Samsung would make a phone with two hinges…. right?

Samsung's flip phone poster emerges online with outrageous design 1
Image credit: Weibo

Imagine the phone unfolded – what a sizeable device that would be; way too big and long (hey, hey) to be practical. A part of us think that someone got the original poster for the Galaxy Z and decided to play around with Photoshop, adding the second hinge and fold.

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So with this, if you ignore the bottom part of the device, we could very well be seeing the official poster of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Plus, Samsung CEO DJ Koh had already announced the concept for the device in CES 2020, so more official news should come pouring through soon.


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