Imagine wearing a contact lens that can actually enhance your world vision — that’s what Mojo Vision, a new startup is trying to achieve with its smart contact lens.

The startup has revealed an early prototype of the smart contact lens at CES in hopes that these smart contact lenses can help those with low vision by offering enhancements like sharpening, brightening and zooming in.

Could smart contact lenses be possible in the near future? 1Mojo Vision also uses a hard scleral lens for smart contact lenses as it provides stability and isn’t disposable — unlike soft lenses. According to an email sent to Gizmodo, the startup also mentioned that the hard scleral lens was chosen as it’s more comfortable and touches fewer nerves.

There are many more factors that have to be considered. For example, the lenses will probably need their own kind of saline solution and may require extra effort in disinfecting the lenses. It is undeniable that there are many contact lens users who don’t follow the proper procedure of cleaning their lenses, so it might be even riskier for them to wear smart contact lenses if they’re not disciplined enough to disinfect them daily. 

For now, let’s just stick with smart glasses.


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