The eTunai Rakyat initiative was in full swing yesterday; and naturally, Malaysian’s flocked to their choice of e-wallet vendors to get their free moolah.


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Touch ‘n Go was clearly the more popular option of the lot, which led to some issues with the mobile app due to the high traffic. But, it’s day-two now and thankfully the eTunai Rakyat application feature is back online.

Part of why it’s widely chosen, is thanks to TnG’s RM30 + RM30 promo where you’ll get an additional RM30 on top of the eTunai Rakyat money – or at least that’s how it seemed. If you’re a keen eye, it says over on their website that the RM30 bonus comes by way of RM5 cashbacks when you spend RM20 in transactions.

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Sure, it’s not quite the upfront RM30 some would’ve expected, but this is still a decent deal, considering TnG eWallet is known for their cashback incentives. Plus, the idea behind the eTunai Rakyat programme is to serve as a stimulus for a nationwide adoption for e-wallets. This is designed to get you to use your e-wallet.

Plus, the TnG eWallet is accepted at all sorts of places, to pay for all sorts of things – and since you’re using the app anyways, you might as well take advantage of any benefit that comes your way, right?

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