President Donald Trump has hopped on board with the FBI, pushing Apple to help the FBI unlock a gunman’s iPhones.

The FBI recently requested help from Apple to unlock two iPhones that belonged to a criminal responsible for the Pensacola Naval Air Station shooting, but Attorney General William Barr said that Apple “has not provided substantive assistance”. Soon enough, Apple released its own statement stating that Barr’s claims were false and that they had been quick to respond to each request made by the FBI.

President Trump then got involved in the situation by posting a tweet that asks Apple to “step up to the plate”, claiming that the U.S. government has been aiding the tech giant when it comes to trade. 

“We have always maintained there is no such thing as a backdoor just for the good guys”, said Apple in its statement. The tech giant refuses to give in and unlock the iPhones as this will weaken encryptions and can be exploited by those with ill-intentions. This is also not the first time Apple had to stand up for themselves and go against the government’s request.

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