Image credit: Samsung

We were expecting the next foldable phone from Samsung to be named the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, but now information has been leaked to confirm that Samsung’s next foldable phone will be called Galaxy Bloom instead.

This foldable phone from Samsung is slightly different from the Galaxy Fold — it folds vertically, like a clamshell phone. It also differs in terms of materials as it’ll be using a new glass material known as Ultra Thin Glass instead of the plastic screen that is featured on the Galaxy Fold.

Samsung has already revealed the concept of the Galaxy Bloom back in October last year in a 24-second video. Samsung CEO DJ Koh said that this new design is inspired by Lancôme in the secret CES meeting, which leads us to the assumption that this device may be targeted towards female users.

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There hasn’t been any leak regarding its availability, but we’re that it will be officially launched alongside the Galaxy S20 during the next Unpacked event. Let’s just cross our fingers and hope that it won’t face months of delay like the Galaxy Fold.


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