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It’s been a while, but the next chapter in computer memory has arrived – Micron has introduced their next-gen DDR5 Registered DIMMs to provide the speed many enthusiasts crave.

The memory is intended to be used in server and high-end machines for now, and it’s capable of 1.85x better performance than DDR4.

DDR5 RAM is here and it's 80% faster than DDR4, but made for servers and HEDTs first 1
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The modules are built on a 1znm process and offers between 3,200 to 6,400Mhz frequencies as well as densities of between 8GB to 64GB per stick.

Micron is currently sampling the memory now, with a widespread adoption for it expected around 2023. So if you’re just looking for the next best thing for your gaming rig, DDR4 is the best you’ll get for now, and it’s probably all you’ll need for some time.

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