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Let’s step away from CES 2020 for a bit and turn our attention to something different – it is rumoured that the Xiaomi Mi 10 could come much sooner than expected.

Folks over on Weibo has been saying that the device will come before the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy 20 during Unpacked this February. That could very suggest that the Mi 10 could arrive early February or even late January.

The Xiaomi Mi 10 could arrive earlier than the Samsung Galaxy S20 - possibly early February 1
Image credit: Tech Crunch

Those who care about tech are excited about the news because it will be the first smartphone to use the newest Snapdragon 865 chipset. Not only that, Xiaomi is known for offering flagship-like devices for a fraction of the price – so despite being packed with the best chipset around, the Xiaomi Mi 10 could be quite affordable too.

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Fans had pestered Xiaomi co-founder Lin Bin for the launch date, to which he’s responded to by saying “I will tell you after the New Year” – he means of course the Chinese New Year, which ends late this month.

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