Audio company Sonos is currently suing Google for patent infringement on various products such as the Google Home, Google Home Mini and more.

Sonos said that it has warned Google of its infringement several times since 2016, but since Google persisted, the company decided to sue the tech giant. Sonos also accused Google of subsidizing its own products to get more sales and undercutting Sonos.

Sonos sues Google for stealing speaker tech and undercutting the audio company 2Google is not the only tech giant that has allegedly copied Sonos’ patented technology; Amazon is accused of doing the same, but Sonos is only suing the former as it’ll be too risky for the smaller company to go against two tech giants at the same time. Even then, The New York Times reported that Sonos executives contemplated the decision to sue as they’re still connected to Google business-wise.

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This isn’t the first time the tech industry has faced situations like this. Not too long ago, Spotify filed an antitrust complaint against Apple for its unreasonable 30% tax and Blix sued Apple for removing it from the App Store after copying its technology that could create anonymous email addresses for users.

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