Last year, Samsung’s GEMS (Gait Enhancing and Motivation System) is an exoskeleton that aids the physically impaired, but now? It’s a workout device.

Paired with a pair of augmented reality glasses, the exoskeleton can now be used for workouts as a fitness trainer that can provide guides to users as they go through their workout routine. This device tracks the user’s movements when they workout and keeps count while also offering words of encouragement.

Samsung's GEMS exoskeleton takes on a new role as fitness coach 1At the end of the workout, users can view their performance and data through a companion app. However, this is still conceptual and there’s no telling when it’ll actually reach consumer’s end. It could be a useful device for those who need guidance as they work out at home, but it does seem a bit over the top to be wearing an exoskeleton and AR glasses for the sole purpose of working out.

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If you ask me, GEMS is only for those who have extra cash to splurge on and really need the assistance and guidance. 


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