When Apple released the iPhone X with a display notch, many were skeptical. Well, after three long years, Apple may be ready to launch iPhones without a notch.

Reports suggested that Apple might be releasing iPhones this year with a full-screen display, ditching the famous Face ID. Instead, it will be replaced with the previous Touch ID, but this time it’ll be embedded in the display — similar to the in-display fingerprint sensors seen on many Android phones these days.

Apple may be ready to launch notchless iPhones without Face ID in 2020 1This contradicts the previous rumours where 2020 iPhones are expected to come with a smaller display notch. However, Apple has been known to be a little late on trendy things, so it is possible that that the previous rumours still stand.

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Even better, Apple might test the waters with just one of the iPhones getting the full-screen display — presumably the iPhone 12 Pro Max (if Apple is sticking with the name format).

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