We’re two days from being able to buy video games without tax folks – Valve has confirmed that it will collect the government-mandated 6% digital tax on all Steam games starting January 1. This comes after Sony also made the same announcement for their PlayStation Store. 

We’ve known this for some time now – all purchasable digital goods and services will be imposed with the digital tax next year and products included are pretty much what we use every day, like Netflix and Spotify; video games, are no exception. 

Steam to collect 6% digital tax starting next year - time for a shopping spree 1
Image credit: Steam

It’s no secret that one of the perks of being a PC gamer, besides getting sweet, sweet FPS, is that we get to enjoy the different Steam sale promos that happen yearly. Many times, certain titles will go for much cheaper than their console counterparts.  

But hey, the 6% extra isn’t that much of a premium to pay – considering our neighbors Singapore subject its gamers to a 7% tax instead. Oof. 

But since we are a thrifty bunch, now’s the time to make your Steam purchases while there’s still the Winter Sale still happening without the added tax.  

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