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Sorry to be a bearer of bad news but Netflix have announced their revised subscription pricing in accordance with the 6% digital tax that’s to be implemented next month. Netflix’s updated pricing will take effect on January 9.

The Basic plan will cost RM35 (from RM33) – this lets you watch on only one screen at any given time, with no HD streaming. The Standard plan will cost RM45 (from RM42) – this gets you HD streaming and up to two screens you can watch on at one time. Lastly, the Premium plan will set you back RM55 (from RM51) – this adds ultra HD streaming to its features and allows up to 4 devices playing at one time. No changes will be made to the Mobile plan (RM17) that lets you only stream on your mobile devices. 

So, an overall increase of RM1.50-RM1.75 for each member if you’re going you subscribe to the Standard or Premium plans. Basic sees you paying RM2 more by yourself.  

If you’re wondering how the digital tax is going to affect other services, stay tuned on our page as we bring you a complete list of services and their bumped-up prices. 

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