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The government is implementing a 6-percent digital tax starting January 1 next year – and it applies to all services and purchasable digital items over the internet. So far, we already know that Google will be adding the tax to their G Suit service, while the likes of Netflix and Spotify will also be affected. 

Because the items do cover digital goods, that would include video games. So, joining the list of services to implement the tax is Sony with its PlayStation Store. The price change will take effect on January 1 itself, but the price updates might not show up until 4-6 January. 

So the prices you see may vary when you get to the checkout page. Also mentioned on the PlayStation announcement, is that the PlayStation Plus service will not have updated prices at the moment. So you can still sign up from anywhere between RM29 for a one-month membership to a RM125 one-year membership. We doubt this will remain once the tax is in effect however.  

So we recommend you renew your subscription and purchase your PS4 games before the extra 6 percent is imposed. 

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