Twitter users who use Android phones need to update their app now as Twitter confirmed that your nonpublic account information can be accessed by hackers and they’ll be able to control your account to send Direct Messages or publish Tweets.

Twitter is urging all its Android users to update their app and took an extra step to directly inform those who could’ve been exposed to the vulnerability. The company believes that the hackers have inserted “malicious code into restricted storage areas of the Twitter app”, despite having no evidence to support their speculations.

Twitter urges Android users to update the app immediately due to security concerns 1
Image credit: MissionBox

There are specific versions of the app that might be affected by the vulnerability, but just update your app to the latest version if you’re worried. Thankfully, iOS users aren’t affected so you can keep on scrolling through tweets if you’re using an iPhone.

Twitter apologized for the current situation and also offered a form that can be used to get more information on your account data protection.


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