Ahh Chrome, everyone’s go to browser on mobile for browsing everything – unfortunately however, despite its popularity, it also isn’t perfect. 

Its latest update, Chrome 79, is said to wipe out data on certain apps that uses Android’s built-in WebView. When we say erase data, we mean all or some local data on your device being wiped out. This happens when data is being migrated during the update is not done properly. 

Google has since paused the roll-out of the update and is currently weighing their options in terms of how to fix the issue; these options include rolling out the updates and carry out the data migration properly by putting back the missing data where they belong, or reverting back the changes to where the data used to be. 

If you’ve already received the roll-out, do not update your Chrome app yet. Stay tuned on our website as we bring you more follow up pieces on the issue. 

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