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Microsoft has officially announced their newest gaming console, the Xbox Series X – there weren’t a lot of talks beforehand about the product bar the fact that it was known as Project Scarlett for a while. 

Today, the American company published a teaser video showing not only its official name but how it looks like too. The new Xbox console won’t look like the like any of its predecessors, nor does it looks like a conventional console – Series X is a tower-like machine and stands vertically almost like a miniature PC or a dehumidifier.  

It’s rectangular in shape and is black all around – there is ventilation at the top while the Xbox logo sits snug on the top left corner of the device. There’s a slit below the logo and we’re assuming that’s where the discs go.  

There also isn’t much by way of ports, but these are just renders and the actual machine should have all the necessary connectivity ports present. The ad shows the machine standing up straight but we reckon you’ll have the option to plop it down horizontally too. 

Part of the reason why we think Microsoft has gone for this look is to give it a more AI home hub rather than just a gaming machine. We imagine this to sit at the corner of your TV stand acting as your entertainment system as well as your Alexa hub. Also its name suggests that there will be a list of consoles and devices that will parked under the Series X offering, so exciting times ahead.

We’ve also got a glimpse of the new Xbox controller and as per tradition, not much has changed bar it sporting a very cool black aesthetic. A release date is set for holiday 2020, so we can expect to see it arrive at around the same time as the Sony PlayStation 5. 

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