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In an email sent by Google to G suite users, the tech giant announced that they’ll start charging a 6% Service Tax on their digital services due to the implementation of digital tax by the government.

Basically, we’ll have to pay more from January 1, 2020 onwards due to the expansion of the Sales and Service Tax legislation, so your Google purchases — apps, in-app purchases or paid services — will be tied to the 6% tax. This will most likely include your YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium subscription.

Malaysians, be prepared to pay more for Google services from January 1, 2020 1While other purchases and subscriptions may be the same for both iOS and Android users, the two YouTube subscription service is higher for iOS users because Apple takes a 30% cut; add that with the upcoming 6% tax and iOS users will have to pay an even higher amount.

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Apart from Google services, we should also be seeing several other services to raise their prices due to digital tax implementation. Popular subscription services like Spotify and Netflix are also expected to increase their prices next year.

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