Image credit: Twitter @Alkoholikaust

As we slowly wind down the current console cycle and usher in the new, gamers far and wide have their eyes peeled for a glimpse of the latest consoles to mark the beginning of said new cycle. 

This time around, the Sony PlayStation 5 is the talk of the town again as leaks of the actual developer console appears on Twitter. Up until now, we’ve only seen renders and patents for the device, and although the developer console isn’t meant for the mass market , it does give as an insight to what the final consumer product will be. 

Previous reports of the console’s patent look to be true as Twitter user @Alcoholikaust shows two machines that look identical to the patents. The consoles look like a football stadium crossed with a space ship and we see vents on the sides as well as inside a divot in the middle of the machine. 

What’s also interesting is that the console sports a small display off to the far right displaying text to whoever is working on the console. The devices are connected to what looks like DualShock 4 controllers, but if rumours are true – those could very well be early versions of the DualShock 5 controllers instead. 

Based on a previous report, the upcoming DualShock 5 will look very similar to the current gen joysticks but most improvements can be found within the controller. Stuff like replacing rumble shock vibrations for haptic vibrations, adaptive triggers for a more tactile feedback, and more. 

The dev kit’s size alone should be an indication of the power that the final product could hold – and it’s getting us excited. 

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