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With the latest iteration of the Apple Watch now among us, we’re going to need telco plans to make use of the watch’s LTE feature. Digi was first, and currently the only telco to offer a number sharing plan for the Apple Watch. 

Celcom teased us of their entry a week ago, and now Maxis is joining the club too. Like Celcom, we don’t know what Maxis is calling their service yet, Digi calls theirs AirSim – but we know that Maxis is offering theirs under the Zerolution plan.  

Maxis to offer Apple Watch Series 5 LTE support this December 13 1
Image credit: Maxis

Expected to be available this December 13, the service allows you to sync your iPhone with your Watch and use the latter without the phone anywhere near you – with an LTE-enabled watch, you can take calls, read messages, stream music and more.   

From the little Maxis has teased about the service, we know you’ll be getting 10GB of data that can be shared with your other devices. Other than that, we still don’t know what the criteria is to sign up for the service. Read our report on Digi’s AirSim here for an idea of what the criteria might be. 

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